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What is UPS WorldShip?

WorldShip® is a full-featured, Windows®-based, global shipping software, which is available in over 100 countries and multiple languages. WorldShip gives you access to the complete portfolio of UPS small package and freight services. WorldShip can streamline business processes by connecting to your business systems. ODBC and XML integrations enable WorldShip to import information from, and export shipping details back to, your critical business systems and databases.

UPS WorldShip® Shipping Software

UPS WorldShip software lets you streamline your high-volume shipments, quickly process them from your desktop, save time and reduce errors.  

High-Volume Shipping Made Easier

  • Process small package, freight, and mail with our mailing service provider, UPS Mail Innovations.
  • Make repeat shipments easier by saving your favorite selections to your profile.
  • Automate shipping by connecting WorldShip to your business systems.
  • Ship hazardous materials.
  • You can use WorldShip on multiple workstations.
  • Which solution is best for me, or WorldShip?
Shipping on provides an intuitive online experience for customers who have low volume or only need to ship occasionally. Our easy-to-use web application lets you create shipping labels, schedule a pickup, send email notifications and pay online from anywhere there is an internet connection. Simple, quick, and easy.   WorldShip is designed for those who ship over 10 packages a day, need access to the full suite of UPS® services, or require software-specific features such as built-in reporting and shipping profiles. WorldShip also provides automation and integration features, offline shipping, as well as access to aggregation services such as UPS Hundredweight Service® and UPS Trade Direct. Robust and powerful.

What are the system requirements to use WorldShip?

WorldShip must be installed on a desktop computer utilizing a Windows-based operating system. The latest version of WorldShip supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. WorldShip will not function on non-Windows systems such as MAC or Linux, tablets, or mobile devices. Click here for the full WorldShip system requirements.


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Ups WorlShip

Ups WorldShip for PC


Ups WorlShip(Paid)

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