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Window Temp Vs Real Temp - Which One Is the Better Utility?

Real Temp - DOCUMENTATION. Real Temp is an integrated temperature monitoring software specifically designed for Intel single core, dual core and quad-core processors. Each core on these processors comes with a micro processor DTS which measures temperature data based on maximum safe thermal limit of the CPU, denoted by Tjmax. DTS is implemented in software, which acts as a centralized control plane. It displays real time data from all the cores in the system and can be configured such that only low priority tasks are forced to the background, thereby freeing up high priority processing time for other tasks. The Real Temp software is available in two variants, which are: Windows Fast Track and Windows Server Edition. The Windows Server Edition is a server side only app which enables users to install the software on their computers and configure it with few clicks. With the Windows Server Edition, the user is also enabled with the ability to install other server side tools like Windows Management Interface or WMI, which are used for deployment purposes. However, it comes with a high price tag, hence many companies do not go for this option. Windows Server Edition also has the ability to configure and use third party applications like Microsoft Intune and System Center which are required to run various utilities like the Windows Temp application. The main drawback with Windows Server Edition being a server application is that it uses system resources and is therefore slower than the Window Temp which acts as a client only program. However, with a few tweaks, both versions can be made to work well together. Another advantage with Windows Server Edition is that the user can have more than one core processor in this OS. However, with the Windows Server Edition the user can configure Window Temp to display the temperatures of all the installed processors, which can lead to overload of the system resources and a negative impact on the performance.


Real Temp for Windows 3.70
Windows XP,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista
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Real Temp for Windows for PC



User rating
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