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PsTools - A Command Line Ps and V Support Tool

If you need a control panel for your Microsoft Outlook or Windows Server 2008 then there is no need to look much further than the PsTools. PsTools is a simple yet extremely powerful command line tool suite, which has a host of utilities such as the; tools, pstemax, petite, slog, pstverlog, mpts and many more (built in) These utility programs are extremely useful when it comes down to keeping your computer performing at its peak. With such a wide range of utilities available you can be sure to customize it to best suit your needs. One of the most common uses for the command-line utility is when you need access to some remote systems. PsTools allows you to connect to these remote systems using a preserver or by connecting to an email account on such a system. The utility also allows you to configure and connect to remote systems remotely by creating a Sudo Account on them. Using the restroom, you can quickly gain access to all your remote systems and even read them using your email address. PsTools will also allow you to perform bulk transfers such as email transfers from one mail account to another. The other feature present in PsTools that will come in very handy is the ability to Execute Scripts. PsTools will allow you to run almost any software or program from a remote computer. You can simply execute the script from anywhere and have access to it even while you are not connected to the local system. This is particularly useful if you use different computers for work and pleasure and want to be able to perform certain tasks on each computer. Executing scripts from a remote system can save you a great deal of time and ensure that your productivity is at its optimum


PsTools for Windows 2.47
Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 2000
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PsTools for Windows for PC



User rating
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