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jGRASP Features


The first benefit you can definitely derive from jGRASP is the visualization. In this case, you have to know about the Control Structure Diagram (CSD). It is a diagram which is to controls the flow and fits the space in the source code. This is a way to make the source code more readable. To visualize your software, this jGRASP produces CSD for C, C++, Java, Objective-C, HDL, and Ada. This way, CSDs that are produced by this software are integrated with the source code editing windows. You can actually generate your CSD on demand. Along with the visualization, you will be able to operate your software easily without more problems coming up to obstruct your working with computer programming.

The Complexity Profile Graph

The second thing about this software that you may derive is the complexity profile graph which is known as CPG. It is a complexity diagram about the unique statement level. This diagram is made with a purpose to help you identify the complex source code area. Like CSD, CPG is integrated with the editing windows in jGRASP. Thus, the CPG highlighting section will also highlight the source code correspondence section. This integration can be carried out vice versa.

UML Diagrams Generation for Java

jGRASP is also considered able to generate UML diagrams for Java. What does it mean? Well, it means that an interactive functionality can be added to the UML diagrams by simply clicking on the edge of the dependency. In a separate pane, this action will enable you to display all of the dependencies between two classes. As a result, it is very possible to be listed and visited.


Overall, you may conclude that jGRASP is good to install on your computer in order to visualize your software automatically. It deals with how to make your source code more readable so that you can be able to edit the windows you have installed on your computer.


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